Wine Making Recipe

By | January 11, 2018

Below you will find the basic steps to making a delicious wine. This method can used both for whites and reds. It’s great for beginning winemakers who are looking for a simple recipe, with simple ingredients.


11 ½ kg of Grapes
5 ½ kg of sugar
10-11 liters of Water (plus more for topping)
2 ½ tsp. dried Pectic Enzyme
5 Campden Tablets
4 tsp. Yeast Nutrient
1 package of Wine Making Yeast
6 ½ tsp. Sparkalloid

Winemaking Method:

1. Put 5 Campden tablets in a jug of water and spray the solution onto your work area. Let act for 10 minutes. Rinse and let air-dry.

2. Use a crushing grate to process our grapes. Extract as much juice as possible, and remember to remove any stems.

3. Dissolve 4 kg of the sugar into 8 liters of warm water. Pour into primary fermentor, along with the must.

4. Add water to the fermentor until you reach the 5-½ gallon marker.

5. Use a hydrometer to test the prepared must. You must look for a SG of 1.113-1.1123, and a PA of 15.

6. If the hydrometer reads the proper numbers, allow the must to rest for one day.

7. Combine the yeast nutrient with yeast, some sugar and lukewarm water. This will activate the yeast. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. It should become bubbly and cloudy.

8. Incorporate the yeast mixture into the fermentor and cover, without mixing.

9. For best results, temperatures must be between 18°C-24°C. Once two days elapse, mix the fermenting must once or twice a day to ensure even fermentation, for 5-7 days.

10. Test the mixture in a hydrometer for a SG of 1.03.

11. Eliminate any pulp from the top using a strain. Make sure to remove any liquid that has been left behind in the pulp.

12. Use a hose to siphon the wine into a secondary fermentor. Once again, top with water to 5-½ gallon marker and equip the carboy with a wet airlock. Allow to ferment for another 4-6 weeks.

13. Siphon the wine once more.

14. Use a fining agent, such as 6 ½ teaspoons of Sparkalloid to clarify the wine.

15. At this stage, maintain wine at temperatures between 5-10 degrees Celsius.

16. Before you bottle, you should taste the wine for sweetness. If you decide to add more sugar, make it into syrup so that it thoroughly dissolves in the wine. To stop any yeast being awakened by the sugar, add a dose of crushed Campden tablets or sodium bisulfite. If adding sugar, allow to rest for at least one week before you bottle.

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