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Oral Hygiene: Recipe for Success

by Craig Murphy Oral Hygiene has been a concern since the dawn of civilization when individuals used twigs to clean their teeth. Early people later graduated to using natural oils, leaves and extracts to clean their teeth. Later the practice was to use oils and extracts not only for teeth cleaning but help to prevent… Read More »

Enthusiasm the Magic Recipe of Success

by Sunfox Copyright (c) 2010 Jim Gerlits Ralph Waldo Emerson was right when he said, “Nothing great has been achieved without enthusiasm.” A lot of people confuse enthusiasm with excitement. Enthusiasm is more than just jumping up and down or shouting your lungs out. That is excitement. Nobody could sustain such feeling of excitement for… Read More »

Nike Shoe Recipe For Success

by mars! At present, Nike rank first of the sports brand in the world (by brand value). while among many competitors in the sports brand camp, Nike is only a young man,a latecomer. NIKE brand was established in 1972, havee stablished more than four years. Nike Air Max 2009 And we look at several sports… Read More »

Success Through Service

by CERTs I learned at a young age, that to serve is to be king. The reason why, is because, the man who serves the most people, is rewarded with more money from more people for his services. A job is just that. You serve one person who serves many people. This is the reason… Read More »