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Award Winning Steak Recipe

by afloden Have you ever wanted to cook a 5 star steak and just didn’t now how? How many times have you eaten at a steak restaurant and said to yourself that you are going to go home and create that exact same steak one day. The problem is, most of us just don’t have… Read More »

Secret Cajun Dry Rub Recipe

by planetirony It was 1993, and I was cooking an outdoor dinner function for a large corporation. The theme was to be Cajun. At the time I did not know to much about Cajun or creole cuisine, so I decided to ask around. I came upon a chef from New Orleans who had been known… Read More »

Experiment With Jambalaya Recipe

by planetirony Jambalaya is a dish that is partly Creole and partly Cajun and it has originated from Spain. People are not positive about the origin of the name but there have been speculations combined with local tales. For instance, most believe it is derived from the Spanish word jamon which means ham. Ham was… Read More »

Banana Waffle Recipe (3)

by Alan Light Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with a Cuisinart waffle maker you can make it fun and delicious. The Cuisinart Waffle Maker has indicator lights that tell you when the waffle is done and when it is safe to open the lid. The non-stick interior plates makes clean… Read More »

Free Recipe Books By Mail

by chihoyoung Getting free recipe books by mail is an option for everyone. When you are applying for this you should know what you apply for. It sometimes can be a mix up and you may receive the wrong ones. Many people want to improve their cooking, they will be able to do so by… Read More »