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Banana Waffle Recipe (2)

by quimby Why on earth would anyone in their right mind buy a waffle mix boggles the mind. They are such fun to make and you can be so creative besides most kitchens already have all that you need to make an interesting waffle anyway. Even if you are a health nut you can make… Read More »

Banana Walnut Waffle Recipe

by quimby This is a recipe for a Belgian waffle that is truly a sweet, sumptuous and nutty concoction. The deep pockets of the Belgian waffle make great homes for the fresh banana slices. You could also mix the bananas and walnuts right into the batter. This way your get a full taste riot in… Read More »

Oral Hygiene: Recipe for Success

by Craig Murphy Oral Hygiene has been a concern since the dawn of civilization when individuals used twigs to clean their teeth. Early people later graduated to using natural oils, leaves and extracts to clean their teeth. Later the practice was to use oils and extracts not only for teeth cleaning but help to prevent… Read More »

How To Grill Trout Recipe

by vastateparksstaff I love this recipe, and I learned it while traveling to Key West one summer. This recipe is easy and very tasty with a little spicy kick. Trout is very healthy for you and I recommend that you cook it with the skin on. It is small in size which means it will… Read More »

Tom Yum Paste Recipe

by Isabelle @ Crumb Tom yum paste is the key ingredient of the ever tasty tom yum soup. But with a little of imagination, you can turn this wonderfully tasty paste, into a main or side dish. Fish, chicken and pork turn wonderful, when marinated with this paste before baking, frying or grilling. Many readymade… Read More »