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The Real Recipe for Innovation

by Queenie & the Dew When I talk to business leaders, I always ask about the most difficult challenges they face day in and day out.  Increasingly, I’m hearing about how hard it is to innovate on a consistent basis. This anecdotal evidence is now being supported by a recent McKinsey Global Survey that polled… Read More »

A Diet Recipe to Lose Weight

by Punk In Writing Before having a diet, you must consult a doctor as you need to know whether your health suits the diet. The following are the description of 3 delicious recipes. To have Rice Krispies bars, add brown sugar and butter in a big saucepan and stir for 2 minutes in a low… Read More »

Lemon Pepper Detox Alternative Recipe

by Jamiesrabbits Recalling Jean Sheppard’s immortal line, “My father wove a tapestry of profanities which still hangs over Lake Michigan,” discouraged and disgruntled lemon pepper detox dieters often spin-out vile tapestries of their own, volubly complaining about how the taste and smell of standard lemon-pepper cleansing beverages render the cure worse than the disease. Even… Read More »

Easy Soap Making Recipe

by RichardBH One easy soap making technique is making use of soap scraps. What do you usually do with soap scraps in your bathroom? Some would just throw away soap scraps or let them melt in the soap dish while others would try to use the soap scrap until they crumble and fall down the… Read More »

Recipe For Trouble – IT

by jodigreen Depending on how dependent your company is on computers, IT (or information technology) can be your biggest ally or the biggest thorn in your side. While people tend to refer to IT for anything that involves computers, information technology can encompass a very large variety of business needs from servers to websites. There… Read More »