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Going Green – Eco Friendly Cookware

by through a pin-hole The green revolution is taking over the world as people grow more aware and concerned about environmental issues. From energy efficient cars to establishments running on solar energy, it is clear that the world is trying to be a little healthier to make up for the centuries of abuse it has… Read More »

Cook N Home 12-Inch Stir Fry Pan Wok Pan 30cm with Non-Stick Coating Induction Compatible Bottom, Large, Green

What’s in a box, stir fry pan 12-inch diameter by 3.5-inch Height. Nonstick coating is premier grade quality, cadmium and lead free, durable double coating system. Cookware use thick gauge aluminum material which provide super heat conductive without any hot-spot in bottom, bottom is specially designed for induction stove/range, handle is soft feeling and comfortable… Read More »