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Coffee Spareribs Recipe

by The Bees When we talk about coffee, the first impression that comes to our mind is “it is a drink”. Millions of people have become addicted to the unique taste and flavor of coffee. It has become one of the most popular flavors of dessert. However, it is still pretty rare to use coffee… Read More »

BEEM Espresso-Siebträgermaschine 1110SR – Elements of Coffee & Tea, 1450 W, 19 bar Pumpe, Milchaufschäumer, Edelstahl

Lieben Sie auch das volle Aroma und den luftigen Milchschaum italienischer Kaffee-Spezialitäten? Mit der BEEM Espresso-Siebträgermaschine 1110SR können Sie jetzt jeden Tag aromatischen Espresso, köstlichen Cappuccino oder leckeren Latte Macchiato zu Hause genießen, nahezu auf Knopfdruck. Das Herzstück dieser kraftvollen Espressomaschine ist die 19 bar starke italienische Pumpe. Damit werden bei der Espresso-Zubereitung die feinen… Read More »

Turkish Coffee Recipe

by katrinket What more can you ask for in an early morning with a mug of coffee in your hand watching the sky as the sun shines out? Sounds like a movie scene, isn’t it? That is the perfect way to start your day. Are you one of those people who can’t let a day… Read More »

Bodum BISTRO Burr Grinder, Electronic Coffee Grinder with Continuously Adjustable Grind, Black

Ask any coffee connoisseur and they’ll tell you that in order for coffee beans to develop their full flavor profile, they must be ground right before coming in contact with hot water. This is where the bistro electric burr coffee grinder comes in and becomes part of the coffee making ritual. The Bistro is continuously… Read More »