Scanpan Cookware – Have a Safe Cooking Time

By | March 4, 2018

Fry pans wear out easily especially if not taken care of properly. They can get stained after a while that is why most of them are treated with chemicals that prevent these damages. But what many do not realize is that these chemicals can contaminate the food during the cooking process. And this is something that Scanpan cookware wishes to address.

For years, the company has created a line of kitchen utensils that are one hundred percent safe from toxic substances and chemical residues. They have been very hands on in the manufacturing process to make sure that all of their products utilize Green Tek, the company’s patented technology that provides the cookware with a safe non-stick surface.

Aside from being safe for the users, Scanpan cookware is environment friendly as well. Since its founding, the company has remained true to their advocacy of conserving the environment by using recycled aluminum as materials for their pots and pans. Making sure that all the materials that they use are environment friendly is something that is very important for them.

Likewise, Scanpan cookware also takes pride in the fact that their products are guaranteed to be durable. They developed a ceramic-titanium technology which protects the utensils from abrasions and scratches even when in contact with other metal materials.  
In fact, to prove its durability, they had it scaled using the Mohs Scale and it ranked 9.5, a very high rating for something that is made from metal.

Of course, the manufacturer also ensures easy maintenance for Scanpan cookware. The non-stick technology makes it very easy to clean as the food just slides off the pans conveniently.

And since the material is basically scratch proof, one can conveniently use nylon scouring pads to remove tough dirt and stains without having to worry about damaging the sleek finish of the cookware.

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