Safety First With Glass Ceramic Cookware

By | January 8, 2018

Glass ceramic cookware has to be chosen carefully since there are some materials that can not only damage the stovetop but can also harm the person who is doing the cooking on the stove. There are ceramic cookware sets that are made to go in the microwave or in the conventional oven but are not made to be used as glass ceramic cookware. Glass ceramic cookware has to be able to withstand the process of heating quickly since the stovetops heat up extremely fast and can damage pans and pots that are not made to withstand those types of temperature changes. The glass ceramic cookware also has to have a smooth bottom to it because the stovetop can become scratched or cracked if the items used to cook on it are rough in any way.


When using the glass cookware, the pots and pans should be placed on a burner that most closely fits the pot or pan being used. If this is not done, the person cooking can easily be burned by the open surface of the burner that is not covered by the pot or pan. Another caution about using glass ceramic cookware is that it should not be placed on the cook top dry. In other words, the pots and pans that are used should have at least one ingredient in it when it is placed on the stovetop and the burner is lit so that the pot or pan does not become damaged from the high heat with nothing inside of it.

Another caution when using a glass ceramic stovetop is that the cookware should not be made of glass. Glass is not a very forgiving material which means that when it is heated quickly to a high heat the glass can crack or shatter. This would do damage to the ceramic stovetop as well as to the chef that is using the cookware. Copper pans also should never be used as glass ceramic cookware because the copper will melt the ceramic stovetop and then meld with it, ruining the stove altogether. Even pans that have some amount of copper in them will do this, so chefs should check to make sure that the pot or pan does not have any copper in it, and if there is any question, it should not be used at all.

Stainless steel products are usually the best option in glass ceramic cookware since stainless steel heats up readily, distributes the heat evenly and is very durable. Stainless steel products are also very smooth on the bottom so that they will not scratch the surface of the stove.

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