Outdoor Dining Buyer’s Guide

By | April 30, 2018

In the warm evenings of summer, crisp afternoons of autumn and fresh spring morning, (and for some real die-hards the peaceful falling snow of winters), having some furniture and accessories outside to enjoy nature at its finest with can be just the thing to turn a house into a home. There are plenty of options to create the perfect outdoor sanctuary available today.

Dining outdoors might start at the grill, but it will ultimately end at a table. There are a variety options available for outdoor dining including patio dining sets, patio dining tables, patio dining chairs and outdoor bistro sets. Each of these options will ultimately lead to a fine place for a nice meal outdoors, but it is best to shop around to find which option best suits your lifestyle and outdoor area.

Arguably the easiest option to shop for would be patio dining sets. These sets come with everything you need to dine outdoors including the table and chairs. There are many different options from small to large, 4 chair sets 8 chair sets, wicker, wood, wrought iron and more.

The first thing to consider is what size you need based off the space available in your outdoor area. If you already have a specific location in mind, measure the general area adding space for chairs and an extra foot and a half for backing chairs out when a person stands up. This will give you a good idea of how large of a dining set to purchase. Also consider how many people you like to have over at one time. If you regularly host large parties, a larger set with more chairs might be more appropriate, but it you prefer to host intimate dinner dates, a small table will work well.

Next consider which shape will fit best in the area designated for an outdoor table. Available table shapes include round, rectangular, square, oval and more. Take into consideration the surface area of different shapes; sometimes the corners of a rectangular shaped table will be necessary to hold all the extra side dishes your friends bring to dinner parties.

Lastly, take into consideration which type of material is the best fit for your yard and which fits your preferences best. Construction options include aluminum, wood, wicker, wrought iron, plastic, metal and more. Most outdoor dining sets are designed to withstand the elements such as rain, wind and more, but are normally kept outdoors in the nicer seasons. Some sets are best kept under a porch with an overhang or will require you to take the cushions off the chairs if the weather seems like it might take a bad turn. Finish will also adjust the style of a patio dining set. Finishes available include bronze, black, pewter, white, copper, silver and rust.

If none of the outdoor dining sets suit your fancy, it is also an option to pick and choose a patio dining table and patio dining chairs that perfectly fit your needs. Some reasons why you might choose this route would include things like, you have a specific style of chair you needs, such as folding chairs, and no set you like has folding chairs. Other specific chair styles you might be interested in would be sling chairs, swivel chairs, stationary chairs, gliders, foldable chairs and many more.

Patio dining tables sold without chairs can also be purchased to fit the chairs you have picked specifically. Available in as many finishes as the sets and chairs are, you will be sure to find a table that suits your needs. Just like the tables that come in a set, tables sold alone are available in sizes to fit from 2 to more than 10 people and every shape from oval to rectangular. One more thing to consider is that some tables will come with a hole for an umbrella and others do not come with a hole.

If you choose to purchase a table and chair sets separately as opposed to as in a set, you will take into consideration the same things you do when purchasing a set such as size, shape, and style. The only extra tip would be to make sure that the chairs will fit nicely with the table (and the arms won’t uncomfortably fit under the table of choose and that the table and chair are of the same style to keep a fluid look.

After choosing the perfect outdoor dining set you will probably be ready to kick back and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade, but keep in mind that some sets, chairs and tables will require assembly upon receiving them and it is a good idea to be present when the set is delivered so that you can check the package for damage before accepting it.

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