Importance of Dining Table

By | April 12, 2018


Some experts relate dining room to wealth. According to Chinese culture, the more number of people one can feed depends on the size of the dining table. The bigger the dining hall the larger the dining table size the more number of people one can feed. That is one sort of status representation in ancient Chinese tradition. Not only that, the beauty of the room will always depend on the type of furniture and the arty-crafty that can be placed in the room. That will definitely create the feel of wealth. So it doesn’t matter the direction of the dining room but you should definitely fill it with the correct furniture to get the feeling of rich and wealthy. For the most pleasing, wide and comfortable dining table, the oval shape may serve better. For the small dining rooms the round shaped table may fit well. Some tables are very well customized in such a way that, they will be round in shape for regular use but can be resized and increased to become oval when the guests arrive.

Ideal Colors

The main purpose of a dining room or a dining table is to have good family conversations and eat together by sharing good food and good habits. Children will learn the eating habits by looking at elders. So this place should be quiet calm and warmth giving which should help in creating the environment for ideal conversations. For that the wall colors play a major role. For Example: Simple golden yellowish color will really create a peaceful environment in which family love to sit with emotional feelings and have prolonged conversations and even enjoy the dinner. The lemons and some fresh colorful fruits create contrasting effects which leads to energetic environment.

Ideas of Interior Decorating in relation to dining table

Dining table also plays a major role in the world of interior decoration equally important as other house hold furniture. The chairs of the dining table should be changed once in a while to bring liveliness to the table and the room. The dining table cloth should be selected in such a way that it matches the other decorations and patterns. Candles and candle holders can be placed especially for the dinner time. Place settings also should be creative as they are available in many different forms like the artificial leather, cloth, bamboo and many more. Flowers in an attractive vase can be used to decorate the table which will create pleasant environment.

If the dining table is made of glass top the base can be repainted or changed to make the table more interesting. Frequent changes in the looks of the table create interest in children to use the table of its dedicated purposes. Glass tops may be suitable for the small dining rooms. Basket of fresh fruits, the suitable cutlery on the table will add more attraction to the table. The food based or water based concept wall hangings should be placed in the dining room. Hope you all got some ideas about the importance of dining table for interior decorations.


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