How To Locate The Perfect Catering Service For An Upcoming Event

By | February 8, 2018

When speaking of “caterers”, reference is made to an event caterer who serves food with waiting staff at dining tables or sets up a self-serve buffet. Whether a meeting in office or a birthday party at home, a wedding or the birth of a child, all have one thing in common – the need for good food. And that automatically translates to locating the catering service that can get the job done well. Here are a few suggestions to help you shop for catering services.

Invite suggestions from friends, family or co-workers

You could ask friends family and co-workers who have had or attended similar events about what good and not so good experiences they have had with food and catering. Compile a list of the good suggestions and add to the list caterers you have interacted with, which also increases your options.

Check insurance and license of caterer

Ask the caterers if they have insurance, if they do, then find out what it covers. Since many small catering services are illegal, you should inspect the license of the caterers before you hire them.

Keeping a Budget in Mind

Time is money, so, rental arrival, staff arrival, bar open, meal serve, bar close, rental pickup, out-of-venue time, all these factors affect the catering price. So you should have a budget ready to share with the caterers and find out if all costs are covered within that budget.

Find out what food will be served

Keeping in mind the different needs of the guests you should decide on a menu with the caterers. A good idea would be to sample the food. Have a look at the kitchen where the food will be prepared so that you are aware of the hygiene followed. If you are concerned about left overs ask the caterers to have it packed, after the event.

Ask what additional services will be provided by the caterers

Ask the caterers if they would also provide furniture and upholstery on rental, like tables, chairs, plants, china, flatware, glassware, linens, chargers, bar glassware and serving equipment. Be sure to ask if table and chair setup and take-down is also included. Since most rental companies do not automatically include setup and take-down in the rental charges.

With proper research and a little hard work you can find good caterers, so get on your way and get started and if you need help with a suggestion try the Casa Mariachi Family Mexican Restaurant, one of the finest caterers in Beaverton, renowned for their authentic Mexican cuisine.

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