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By | April 16, 2018

As a big fan of bags, is like a heaven to me. I was told that bagsok is going through a series of promotion activities. This is totally like a second Christmas for me. As 2010 Christmas is drawing upon, I really do not hope there is anything missing during my Christmas this year. It will be a perfect one as I wished. Thus, I hurried to, trying to look for a perfect bag.
I kept scanning all the coach bags like an experienced spy as coach is always the best brand I have ever seen. Then, I amazingly found that coach bags are also included in the lineup of promotions. I guess nothing makes me as happy as a buying a coach bag at a discount does. Even though those are cheap coach, I still believe they are totally authentic goods as I have always believed them to be. After all, my personal experience is the most powerful testimony.
As I kept searching with my eyes, I finally spotted a coach Hampton signature lunch tote handbag which is available in both black and white.
This is a Christmas-customized handbag. I love it for a lot of reasons. It has got a woven jacquard signature fabric with leather trim. The double straps drop 9 degrees downward. The top zipper closure is sewn with a leather pull. A big open pocket at the outer front closes with a magnetic snap. There is a multi-use slip pocket, a pocket for holding cell phone and a zipper compartment inside the bag. The interior is nicely lined in black sateen fabric which is my favorite. Without a doubt, I made up my mind to buy it.
13 days later, it came into my hands. As I opened the parcel and took a serious look at it, it was exactly the one I wanted. But I still felt a little disappointed. It turned out that a white one does not looks as nice-looking as it does in the picture. I know it would be my fault if I insisted exchanging it with a black one. But I would feel unsatisfied through the holiday if I did not. However, my nature forced me to do something that I perhaps was not supposed to do. I made a request for an exchange to bagsok. Later on, I was told that all goods are exchangeable only if they are never used or defective as they originally are. The exchange with a black handbag will be finished as soon as possible. I was so touched by the candy-like service it offers. A few days later, I had got an e-mail which told me that my exchange has been processed. The moment I got the news, I jumped to my feet, knowing my loved handbag is on the way eventually.

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