Going Green – Eco Friendly Cookware

By | January 13, 2018

The green revolution is taking over the world as people grow more aware and concerned about environmental issues. From energy efficient cars to establishments running on solar energy, it is clear that the world is trying to be a little healthier to make up for the centuries of abuse it has been inflicting upon the planet. If other places are doing it, why shouldn’t your kitchen do the same by using green, or eco friendly cookware?

Eco friendly cookware are basically energy efficient pots and pans that pretty much do the same as with other pans–they fry your morning eggs and braise your meats but they use less energy. Most of thes pots and pans are made of recycled materials such as recycled aluminum. Others can be made of cast iron, surgical stainless steel, or even glass. Another metal that can be used in green cookware is copper. Copper distributes heat evenly but the downside is that these pans are quite expensive.

Some non-stick green pots and pans use a ceramic coating as an alternative to Teflon. Ceramic powder used in these coatings is water based and does not pose any health hazard. What’s more, you can simply wash these pans with warm soapy water and you are good to go. So what is in this pans that isn’t in ordinary pans?

Cookware that’s eco friendly should be affordable, made of sustainable materials, be good heat conductors, and use minimal energy to perform its tasks. Another essential element of such pots and pans is that you should be able to use it for years and years to come without as much as a glitch while using it. There are various brands and models of green pots and pans like Cuisinart Greenware, Starfrit Eco Friendly Cookware, Green Pan Cookware, and ManPans, each with their own benefits.

Manpans creates eco friendly cookware using clean, renewable hydropower, recycling their waste metal, and manufacturing with only water-soluble, biodegradable compounds. (http://cookware.manpans.com)