Glass Dining Tables

By | December 13, 2017

When you shop around for a dining table, it is mostly likely that your eyes would rest on a glass table. Glass dining tables reflect light and brightens the dining space and they can be matched with the rest of the furniture in your house. As compared to the wood, aluminum and wrought iron, there are more varieties available in terms of shape as well as the color. Glass tables are available in oval, square, rectangular and round shape. There are black tables, transparent ones, tables made of tampered glass etc. With so much variety available, it is difficult to choose some other table.

How to place the glass table?

The dining table should be placed where there is maximum natural light. It can be fixed in any corner of the room. To make the placing romantic, you can use a lamp over the dining table. This will keep the table illuminated and will enhance the beauty of the dining room.

Taking care of the glass table

These tables are sturdy just as the tables made of other material. The glass used is fiber glass and is heat resistant and it won’t break easily. You need to exercise caution, so that scratches do not appear on the glass. Once these appear, then nothing can be done about it. For this, you need to take care of the following:

Cover the table with a transparent sheet.

Always use coasters and placemats on the table.

Do not keep any serving bowl directly on the table. These should always be kept on the coasters.

Do not slide serving bowl, this is the most common reason for scratches on the table.

Always wipe the table with a soft sponge.

Your cutlery and decorative pieces should never be placed on the table directly.

Avoid the habit of keeping mobile, purses, key chains directly on the glass table to avoid chipping of the glass.

Cleaning the glass table

Since the glass tables reflect light, even the slightest dirt or dust will be clearly visible. Therefore, you need to ensure that you wipe the table clean after every use. Though you have to clean the table regularly, the task is fairly simple and quick. To clean the table, Use warm soap water and sponge to wipe the table. You can use baking powder mixed in water to retain the sparkle once a week.

Thus, with a little care, it would not be difficult to maintain a glass dining table for many years to come.

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