Common Glass Dining Tables

By | January 26, 2018

Glass dining tables are what make the room more beautiful and lively. Many advantages are offered by the glass table tops, therefore buying a glass dining table becomes essential.

Glass dining tables are available in various shapes.


Rectangular Dining Table: These are the most traditional types of dining table and are still very much in vogue. A rectangular glass table can accommodate as many as 12 to 16 people. If you want to give a contemporary touch, get etching done on the transparent glass. Instead of maintaining a perfect rectangular shape, you can get the glass cut in an inverted arc shape at the corners. Get the glass etched in a border to highlight the shape.


Circular glass table: Though a circular glass table can house fewer people and it occupies more space, this table is popular as it gives a cohesive feeling. To give it a modern look and utility, you can fix a circular glass top and attach another circular glass of a smaller size at the center. Attach it with a rotating disc, so that the smaller glass top can rotate. Now, if you want to pass a plate or pot, you need not scratch the glass, just give the glass a little push to rotate it.


Square: If you are leaving in a small apartment and cannot afford to devote more space for a dining table, then choose a square table. A square glass top can be fixed in any corner of the room. Place it near the window if possible, so that the light falling on the glass is reflected in the entire house.


Oval: Oval shaped table are considered as modern, compared to other shapes. It can accommodate fewer people and it occupies more space. So, choose oval glass top, only if you have a huge dining space available. Since the shape of the glass table is magnificent, choose chairs that are broad and with detailed work on the top.


Thus, you can use your creativity and imagination to make your dining table look unique.


Since you have taken extra pain to buy your dining table, take a little more care in maintaining the glass dining table, so that it can be your companion for a life time. You need to observe some simple steps like cleaning it with a wet sponge, using baking soda solution to wipe the table once in a week to retain the sparkle, take care that scratches are not formed on the glass, etc.