Coffee Spareribs Recipe

By | February 10, 2018

When we talk about coffee, the first impression that comes to our mind is “it is a drink”. Millions of people have become addicted to the unique taste and flavor of coffee. It has become one of the most popular flavors of dessert. However, it is still pretty rare to use coffee to cook a main dish.

This is a whole new coffee spareribs recipe which uses coffee as the main flavor to the dish. Long marinade time with oyster sauce will make the spareribs blended well with flavor. Spareribs will be deep fried to give crispy texture and additional coffee sauce will further enrich the taste of the dish.

This dish can be served as appetizers or snacks, or it can be server as main dish. In order to obtain the best result, you will need to marinade the spareribs for at least 3 hours. What you can do is marinating the spareribs one day before, wrap it and keep in the fridge.


. 1 kg spare rib, cut into pieces


. 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
. 1 teaspoon sugar
. 1 teaspoon salt
. 1 teaspoon sesame oil
. 1 egg
. 2 tablespoons plain flour
. 1 tablespoon custard powder
. 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
. 200ml water
. 200g corn flour, add in last


. 2 tablespoons maltose
. 2 tablespoons sugar
. 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce
. 1 teaspoon instant coffee powder
. 100ml water


1. Combine spare ribs with marinade and mix well. Marinate for 3 hours. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown. Dish and drain

2. Pour sauce into a clean wok and cook for 2 minutes until thick

3. Put in fried spare ribs, mix well and dish up. Serve

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